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A digital solution for installers

Esabora is a digital solution designed for installers that facilitates their project and company management. This unique software offers them technical, commercial and administrative assistance, allowing them to focus on their expertise. It is based on dedicated business content and tailored for installers, whether they are electricians or plumbers.

Its technical component (Esabora Schema) takes care of building modeling and electrical equipment layout, without the need for the installer to possess any CAD (Computer Assisted Design) expertise. Its administrative and commercial component helps them create quotations, manage orders and edit dashboards. The documents generated and presented to their customers are clear and attractive, facilitating sales and enabling installers to stand out from their competitors.


customers and 14,000 users in Europe

The mobile app launched in 2018 increases their efficiency and performance, by enabling them, for example, to quickly establish a quotation for an installation while on site with their customer. Offered by Rexel via subscription, Esabora also includes a large support section, with user manuals, a helpline, tutorials, online support, and newsletters. First available in France, then in Belgium, and more recently in the United Kingdom, it is intended to be implemented throughout Europe.

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