The momentum of change

A feedback culture

The success of the Group's transformation depends on the involvement of every employee. It must also be part of a continuous process of adopting values and changing management techniques, behaviors, and work methods.

This transformation momentum depends not only on ambitious training programs, but also on the attentive management of performance, part of which is a feedback culture. Its aim is to encourage interaction between managers and employees in a more regular way and outside of traditional occasions such as evaluation interviews or goal setting.

The idea is thus to implement a simplified, standardized continuous improvement process whose aim is to go beyond a system that is almost entirely based on evaluation.

Giving and receiving feedback is only constructive if the approach is detailed, well-argued, tangible, and positive. This evolution of professional relationships presupposes awareness-raising and training for all, at every level of the organization, in order to change the mindset and disseminate clear rules. The goal is to constantly adjust the way that employees communicate and work together in order for them to be both more effective and more satisfied with their work.

In 2018, two of the Group's pilot subsidiaries implemented training and awareness-raising tools aimed at developing a feedback culture. This approach will be progressively extended to include all the subsidiaries in 2019 and will be integrated into the performance evaluation system.

Training, the cornerstone of employee career development
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