Data : a powerful tool to drive customer satisfaction

A personalized customer experience

The personalization approach was strengthened in France in 2018: all teams are segmented according to three markets—residential, commercial, industrial—and to three value propositions: proximity, projects, and specialty. The goal was to build even more personalized relationships with customers and to offer them very specific recommendations resulting from data corresponding to their profile and generated by their navigation between the different points of contact offered by Rexel's omnichannel distribution model.

This segmentation approach is based primarily on data processing, secured by automation. The implementation of this approach relies on:
> the redefinition of commercial zones, completing the regional geographical organization by a vertical customer organization, area by area;
> a personalized customer experience on e-commerce websites (homepage, search engine);
> sales operations using carefully targeted e-mailing campaigns in order to anticipate re-purchases.

To strengthen salesforce efficiency, a “unified” mobile experience has been rolled out: thanks to this app, all salespeople have access to all customer information (profiles, orders, product searches, etc.) as well as to sales tools. This is the internal counterpart to a global and flexible omnichannel customer experience.

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