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A proactive employee recruitment approach

The Group's ability to identify, locate, and attract employee profiles suited to its strategic priorities is of the utmost importance in ensuring its performance and its transformation. In highly competitive markets, the goal is to seek out new talent thanks to greater accessibility to job offers, namely via social networks, and the company's attractiveness. To achieve its goal, Rexel relies on its employer brand, an active approach to employee management, and innovative communication tactics.

In order to attract the employees that the Group needs to successfully achieve its transformation, Rexel has adopted a proactive approach to employee recruitment. The Group has made considerable effort to organize its teams in each country, to train them in new recruitment methods, to raise managers' awareness, and to target the most appropriate channels. Social networks, especially LinkedIn, are the most relevant channels, with 80% of the Group's recruiters using this network. Rexel ranks among the Talent Brand Index's TopĀ 50 companies in its sector and is in the TopĀ 20 in terms of followers.

Starting this year, job candidates are having a better experience thanks to an overall improvement in the recruitment website. As part of its digital transformation, the Group is improving its job applicant experience in several pilot countries in which recruitment levels are the highest by providing ergonomic, attractive, and mobile job platforms. These digital changes strengthen Rexel's employer brand, as well as its attractiveness to potential employees.

In 2018, this assertive recruitment policy resulted in stronger IT and digital teams within the Group and the addition of more than 60 purely digital profiles.

400 to 500

jobs available at all times on LinkedIn, i.e. three times more than in 2017

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