Proximity services

Accessibility and availability

In the residential market as well as the commercial market, customers want easy access at any time to the products they need for their projects.

If digital channels are increasingly important for researching and ordering products, the branch remains the proximity services hub for many customers. The 2,000 branches in the Group's 26 countries offer more than 4,000 immediately available SKUs and 50,000 SKUs available on a next-day basis, as well as technical and business support.

This network constantly adapts to changes in the markets. In the United States, 52 new branches opened in the last two years in order to meet the needs of the American market. In Europe, the branches expanded their offering to include new specialties such as multi-energy or connected objects. In the field of multi-energy, for example, Rexel France now offers 800 immediately available SKUs in 55 branches and 5,000 SKUs available on a next-day basis in regional logistics centers.

At the same time, branches are extending their opening hours or becoming automated. In Finland, 34 Rexel branches are open 24/7, and can be accessed anytime with a personal card. In Sweden, 12 branches are entirely automated: customers can do their shopping and pay via an app. In another 62 Swedish branches, customers can avoid waiting in line by using the self-service checkout.

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