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Accompanying the Liwa project in Oman

The Liwa Plastics Project (LPP) is a construction project to build a €3.6bn steam cracker plant in the industrial port area of Sohar, in the Sultanate of Oman. It is managed by ORPIC (Oman Oil Refineries & Petroleum Industries) and is part of a pre-existing industrial complex. The construction project, which is run by two engineering and construction companies (CB&I and CTCI), began in the autumn of 2017 and will end in the summer of 2019.

One of the project's priorities was to comply with the requirements of export credit agencies regarding procurement, namely agencies from five countries primarily affected by sourcing: the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and South Korea.

The Group's global presence, as well as its expertise in international procurement management, was a major competitive advantage. Two years before signing the contract, Rexel mobilized its banners and called on its suppliers in all five countries.

The contract, worth about US$50 million, covers several areas:
> Equipment management;
> Construction of two on-site warehouses, inventory management, product labelling, cable management, multi-phase delivery;
> Document management: shipping, billing, tests, certifications; and
> Information management concerning the project's various aspects.

For Rexel, two challenges were added to the sourcing pre-requisites: working in a very remote area and meeting work, health and safety regulations for on-site teams applicable in Oman.

1,800 m²

2 1,800 m² warehouses and a large cable preparation, kitting and product entry and withdrawal area

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