Energy management at the heart of Rexel's model

An ambitious sustainable development policy

The electrical industry is going through a massive transformation. Energy management is a major challenge as well as a development opportunity for Rexel, an expert in professional omnichannel distribution. Fostering energy innovation and progress in the communities in which the Group operates is both an ambition and a responsibility in order to build a sustainable future.

As a clean and safe energy, electricity is a powerful tool for the sustainable transformation of local communities. Rexel is at the heart of the electrical industry, and is committed to limiting the rise in global temperatures to +2°C by the end of the century. Energy management alone can absorb 40% of the emissions reductions needed to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement on climate change. Rexel distributes and develops products and solutions that help to accelerate the energy transition while reducing its own environmental footprint.

As a key player in the value chain, the Rexel Group encourages all of its stakeholders to implement the responsible and ethical practices it applies to its operations and employees.

These convictions underlie the four pillars of the Group's sustainable development strategy:
> improving environmental performance
> acting with ethics and integrity
> promoting responsible practices in the value chain
> involving and supporting employees

Rexel's sustainable development strategy is one of the major tools the Group uses to meet its profitable growth and value creation objectives.


In sales of energy-efficient and renewable energy products and solutions in 2018

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