Prioritizing the customer experience

An enhanced experience

Taking the customer by the hand
The Webmanager tool, which allows branch salespeople to connect directly to the webshop on the customer's account, has been rolled out in all the European countries in 2018. Around 2,500 salespeople can therefore use it to present customers with the different features of the website and facilitate the adoption of a more digital approach. Within six months, Webmanager has generated 2,000 orders amounting to €1.4 million.

More than 900 Express account openings per month
Automated account openings, launched in 2017, generated a strong increase in new account creations: more than 900 each month, vs 500 at the beginning of 2018.

5,888 questions on the Livechat
The Livechat's success has been confirmed in France, with 5,888 questions asked in 2018 and a conversion rate multiplied by three. Managed by only one center and operated by two people who can conduct two discussions simultaneously, it will progressively be deployed in all our CREC (Customer Relationship and Expertise Centers), with a total of 40 moderators.

The Grid
This online chat forum, launched in 2015, allows installers and electricians to ask questions on topics ranging from smart homes, lighting, and renewable energies to oil and gas development. Each topic is hosted and moderated by a Rexel expert.

A digital vault for all
A digital vault has been available to all our customers since January 1, 2019. All invoices are paperless and remain available on the website for 10 years. A win-win “zero paper” solution for Rexel and its customers, who are invited to set up an account on the website to place orders.

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