Improving access to energy efficiency for the most disadvantaged

Community projects

The Foundation is involved with local communities by supporting projects to improve access to energy efficiency for the most disadvantaged. To reach this goal, the Foundation builds partnerships with non-profits and foundations, as well as with Rexel's customers and suppliers, in developing and developed countries alike.
The following community projects are among the 23 that the Foundation has supported since its creation. Each one meets different goals in terms of access to energy efficiency:
> DIY home renovation with the Compagnons Bâtisseurs, who help inhabitants of priority neighborhoods in France (Rennes, Roubaix, Sarcelles, Bordeaux, and Avignon) to renovate their own homes. Their approach relies on mutual help and cooperation between neighbors. It encourages inhabitants to get involved and take the initiative regarding the renovations.

> Building sustainable homes for as many people as possible in the United States with the Next Step Network, which connects construction companies and equipment suppliers that are members of the Next Step Network in order to provide low-income American families with the opportunity to own an energy-efficient home.
> Raising awareness among middle school and high school students in priority neighborhoods in France regarding jobs in the electrical industry with the Fondation Teknik: a large-scale nation-wide project that aims to promote equal opportunity and diversity by imparting a taste for the technical and industrial culture and breaking down stereotypes associated with these jobs.

Sharing energy progress
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