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With locations in 26 countries and a wide range of employment opportunities, Rexel offers real career advancement perspectives, whether in terms of position or location, upward mobility or lateral mobility. Internal career change is a key area of development for Rexel's employees, enabling them to discover new challenges and work environments, as well as a clear employer attractiveness criterion for job candidates, especially among young people.

Rexel's mobility policy is closely related to career management at the Group, which includes talent assessments, skills development and job openings, professional goals and training programs. The approach is also a proactive one for employees, who are active players in their careers and seek to advance within our organization.

An online job board, which was created in 2016 and was expanded to include the United States in 2018, displays the available positions within the Group. International opportunities are not reserved exclusively for top management, but instead are open to young managers who are increasingly attracted by an experience abroad.

A total of nearly one in ten employees took advantage of a mobility opportunity in 2018. The last engagement survey, Satisfaxion 2018, demonstrated that career development is the area in which employee support has progressed the most.


employees took advantage of a mobility opportunity in 2018

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