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EcoBlock, or the replicable eco-district

EcoBlock, which has received the Foundation's support from its birth, uses a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to urban renovation. Led by UC Berkley and Stanford University, its goal is to transform a block of dilapidated homes in Oakland, California into an energy-efficient district by:
> The individual renovation of the energy and water distribution and wastewater treatment systems of 28 contiguous homes on a city block;
> The incorporation of these homes into an “intelligent” system in which energy needs are fully met through the use of solar energy and in which water consumption is reduced thanks to wastewater recycling and rainwater collection.

This project, designed on the scale of a single block — sustainable, efficient, and affordable — could serve as a model for urban renovation. It is likely to contribute as well to the establishment of new standards to accelerate the sustainable rehabilitation of residential neighborhoods. Around 30 researchers, architects, manufacturers, and public and private institutions are contributing to this project in cooperation with residents.

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