Improving access to energy efficiency for the most disadvantaged

Employee projects

The Rexel Foundation encourages the Group's employees to get involved in the Foundation's activities. Their participation can take the form of logistical, material, or human support. A common way of getting involved is by sponsoring a community project led by an association or charity. Projects submitted by employees must be within the scope of engagement laid out in the Group's community involvement charter. They are subject to precise monitoring and eligibility criteria. Notable employee projects include the following:
> a solar energy-powered water purification system to provide drinking water for communities in Cambodia, Madagascar, and India: thanks to the sponsorship of an employee from Rexel France, along with the financial support of the Rexel Foundation, the association 1001 Fontaines, whose mission is to provide drinking water to remote areas, is improving water processing units made from micro filters, UV lamps, and solar panels;

> the restauration of a hydroelectric plant in the Velaux region of France (Bouches-du-Rhône department): an employee from Rexel France, the energy cooperative Enercoop, and Provence Energie Citoyenne led this territory project to success. This citizen initiative makes it possible to regain local control of electrical production and natural resources;
> providing Native American communities with solar energy: thanks to an employee from Gexpro, one of the Group's subsidiaries in the United States, the Foundation funded the National Tribal Solar Program of the nonprofit organization Grid Alternatives in order to fight fuel poverty in Native American communities in the United States.

Supporting social entrepreneurs
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