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Innovation Day 2018

In June 2018, for the fourth edition of its Innovation Day, the Rexel Foundation brought its partner ecosystem together in Roubaix. This gathering was an opportunity to adjust the Foundation's primary strategic angles to fight fuel poverty:
> the desire to involve people living in fuel poverty in thinking about and developing solutions, when thus far they had only been represented by associations or groups;
> the realization, thanks to interviews with 15 people living in fuel poverty, that this phenomenon extends far beyond difficulties in paying energy bills and instead is part of their life trajectory: job loss, problems with mobility, health, and access to basic rights;
> the observation that fuel poverty, which affects 12&nbspmillion people in France, i.e. one fifth of the population, continues to grow despite massive investments (1.4&nbspbillion euros) and the existence of multiple assistance mechanisms.

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