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Evolving through Lean Management

Lean management means working cross-functionally, at all company levels and within all teams, in order to identify problems and solve them as part of a continuous improvement approach. The customer's voice is always prioritized, even when the order has left the warehouse, with the goal of eliminating “mudas” (Japanese term for wastage), related to anything that doesn't bring value to customers.

Initiated by Rexel in 2013 throughout its logistics operations, it is currently being deployed in purchasing and transportation. The maturity grid associated with the Lean roadmap includes four levels, where the 4th level sees the supply chain in direct contact with all of the company's other business lines. The implementation of adapted tools has helped the French subsidiary to register constant progress in its productivity and quality of service, without any other heavy investments.

The Group aims to deploy Rexel France's approach throughout Europe, with the same tools and the same maturity grid. It began this year with the pairing of six French warehouses with foreign ones: Nancy with Germany, Nantes with the Netherlands, Orléans with Norway, Roissy with Sweden, Lille with Belgium, and Lyon with Austria. Each of these warehouses now has a parent structure that can provide it with documentation, advice, training, etc.


productivity increase between November 2017 and November 2018

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