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Facilitating smart home management

The booming smart home market exceeded the €1bn mark in 2018 (source: GFK Institute). Radio-operated solutions are now much easier and less costly to implement than traditional home automation. Another key advantage is that they can be installed in stages, starting with a particular use, and progressively adding equipment.

Energeasy Connect is a home controller developed by Rexel in order to monitor equipment locally or remotely. Launched in 2015 as a heating monitoring solution, Energeasy Connect has since integrated the management of openings, then nearly all the connected objects in a building: video cameras, smart device, voice-controlled speakers, etc. Interoperable, it works with most of the market's existing protocols, which are still very different from one brand to another.

Installing Energeasy Connect doesn't require any specific technical skills, but Rexel has nevertheless created a dedicated tool for installers to help them adopt this solution and include it in their sales. At the same time, Rexel is promoting Energeasy Connect to prescribers (constructors and promoters): a website allows a community of 8,000 users to stay up to date on trends and smart home products.


installations set up by 4,500 installers, with over 50,000 connected objects, representing on average more than 5 equipment items per installation

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