Data : a powerful tool to drive customer satisfaction

Implementing predictive models

For a company, big data and predictive models are tools for achieving excellence, whether in marketing, products, investments, or HR. The predictive models' implementation is also the most disruptive step of digitalization.

The success of the predictive model, which estimates the probabilities associated with certain situations or decisions and suggests the best next steps to address them, relies on processing reliable and robust data, both internal and external to the company. Thus, Rexel has definite potential, thanks to the possible use of managed data. Data gathering, treatment, and analysis, followed by the sharing of the information generated, will be an increasing source of competitive advantages in the future.

Rexel has identified several instances where predictive models can be used. Three have been prioritized and are currently being deployed throughout the Group. The first two refer to customer management, the third one to branch supply management. In all cases, the use of artificial intelligence helps to generate a large number of complex data while offering actionable recommendations.

IT infrastructure sharing
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