Training, the cornerstone of employee career development

Investing to meet the challenge

Because the Group wants to help develop its employees' skills, it invests heavily in training programs to enable them to better meet customers' expectations and adapt to changing markets and technologies. Among its strategic priorities, Rexel is universalizing the training programs of its sales representatives, who account for 2/3 of its workforce, whether the focus is on products, solutions, or sales tools.

The training programs rely on three channels: career training available in every country, training sessions provided by Rexel's suppliers, and the online university Rexel Academy. This e-learning platform is available to all employees in 23 countries and is the program's centerpiece.

All of the subsidiaries' training sessions are devised in close collaboration with on-duty employees from the various fields. In 2018, the Group created Internal Learning Committees that bring together representatives from human resources, sales, IT, and supply chain, whose aim is to develop these training programs. Inaugurated in Sweden, they will ultimately be implemented in every country. Pedagogical Committees have also been developed in coordination with training professionals and current employees to lead groups for sharing skills and practices. Other platforms have been developed as well in such areas as energy efficiency, digital, and management.


employees received training in 2018, i.e. 91.5% of the Group's total workforce (74.9% in 2017)

Key players of change
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