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“Les Ambitieuses” from “La Ruche”

La Ruche is a French nation-wide network that provides local support for men and women who want to start a business or develop their activity in a sustainable way. In 2018, La Ruche launched the first competition dedicated to tech start-ups founded by women: “Les Ambitieuses Tech for Good!”
Backed by the Rexel Foundation for the past three years, this competition is intended to reveal, promote, and support start-up creators. Candidates must show that their project is based on an ambitious and lasting economic model, that it contributes to a more equitable and more sustainable society, and that it is presented by a solid, motivated team.

The 2018 competition's seven winners and their teams received six months of personalized project support to strengthen their project and develop their business via:
>Special access to the “La Ruche” network, coworking spaces specializing in impactful entrepreneurship;
>An acceleration program provided by La Ruche Factory and its partners to bolster their leadership, accelerate their business development, prepare them for raising capital, and train them in negotiation, communication, and all digital development practices.

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