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Mobility tools

To meet the needs of its customers at their worksite or while travelling, Rexel offers them mobile-friendly solutions. These smartphone and tablet apps allow users to check on a product's availability, order it, or locate the nearest branch. As an example, in the United States, one of the Group's subsidiaries offers an app for instant ordering. Within seconds, starting from a photo taken on the worksite, an installer can access all the specifications of a product, check on its price and availability, and order it.

The homepages of numerous apps have been revamped following the same principles as Rexel's websites (segmentation and personalization) and their ergonomics have been optimized. In 2018, workshops were organized to better understand customers' expectations in terms of use.

New screens were designed, namely for smartphones in the Netherlands, to be deployed in the remaining European countries. In addition to implementing a design specifically adapted to smartphones, the apps' performance, especially their speed, has been improved.

Prioritizing the customer experience
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