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Optimizing worksite supply

Cost optimization and worksite management streamlining go hand in hand. The Group's sourcing capacities, together with its product supply solutions, allow it to optimize product procurement and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The latter includes indirect costs associated with billing, delivery and inventory management, which can more than double the cost of the product.

Delivery globalization and grouping different suppliers and SKUs on given time schedules eliminate the costs generated by multiple deliveries. For customers, it is also a new way of sizing their orders more accurately, and avoiding on-site inventory storage.

Managing stocks on behalf of the customer, especially with regards to spare parts for which indirect costs are high, streamlines and optimizes worksite management.

Installing a container at a worksite makes it possible to have an on-site logistics base for equipment delivery. Supplied on a just-in-time basis by Rexel's logistics center or branch, it avoids risks of supply shortages thanks to guaranteed deliveries. This solution can include an on-site expert salesperson who takes care of delivery reception and off-loading, delivery to the various areas of the worksite, and replenishments.

Kitting is another way to better allocate resources and optimize supply. Deliveries of pre-assembled equipment, labeled by installation zone, avoid the need for customers to create inventory and reduce the time and costs related to product handling.

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