Focusing on value-added services

Personalizing services

A traditional distributor meets its customers' needs by maintaining adequate inventory and product availability and by offering technical advice. In the era of service digitization, customers expect more. Distributors must improve their experience by providing personalized responses to their expectations.

Rexel's goal is to move toward this more personalized response by prioritizing the service-driven rather than the product-driven approach and by maximizing the potential of digitization. This approach implies harnessing the power of data intelligence, and making it available to all our customer contact points.

Rexel launched its business model's transformation in order to become an exemplary data-driven services company.

“Rexel wants to offer a customized experience to each of its customers so they can benefit from personalized recommendations. This is made possible by using the data generated by their profiles and their contacts with all of the Group's distribution channels. It is important to remember that the relationship with each customer is not only different, but above all unique.”

Guillaume Dubrule, Chief of staff to the CEO at Rexel

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