Employee engagement

Satisfaxion 2018

In 2018 Rexel conducted its 6th internal employee engagement survey entitled “Satisfaxion.”
Among the survey's 10 categories, eight yielded results that were more positive than those of the previous survey, conducted in 2015. The five categories that constitute tools of employee engagement at Rexel underwent the following changes:
> Strategy and leadership: 80% positive opinions, i.e. +4 points
> Career development: 64% positive opinions, i.e. +4 points
> Management: 77% positive opinions, i.e. +2 points
> Company image: 73% positive opinions, i.e. +2 points
> Teamwork and cooperation: 81% positive opinions, i.e. +2 points

The level of employee engagement reached 79%, which is one point higher than in 2015. The goal is to reach at least 80% with the next survey.

The results of Satisfaxion 2018 were presented to the teams in all of the subsidiaries. Workshops were organized in certain subsidiaries in order to further examine certain subjects. Brainstorming sessions on areas for improvement will materialize in the form of action plans to be deployed on the subsidiary level.

The momentum of change
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