Proximity services

Speed and flexibility

Rexel increased its innovations in order to improve deliveries of contractors' orders. The goal is always the same: help them save time so that they can fully concentrate on their projects.

The lockers - Accessible at any hour of the day or night with a personal code, these containers available in different sizes are generally installed in the branches, sometimes at major intersections, under video surveillance. Orders placed after 7:00 p.m. are delivered to the lockers the next morning before 5:00 a.m.

Smart Van - the smart van concept combines a long-term van rental, equipment, a mobile app and dedicated services. The van is fitted with a standard product range, completed by customers according to their needs. Each time the installers use a product, they scan the barcode with their mobile app and the replenishment is automatically ordered in their chosen branch. The app also includes other functionalities such as vehicle localization, service station localization and fuel consumption management. This solution is available for a price equivalent to the purchase of a new commercial vehicle.

Gexpro Services worksite tools
> OASIS Mobile covers various on-site storage solutions, from containers to trucks to trailers, equipped and replenished depending on the needs of the worksite. Each storage solution can be fitted, secured, air-conditioned, electrified, and even equipped with a working station.
> GOcarts are racks on wheels of just over 1m3 that can carry more than 100 kilos. Lockable and fitted with steel mesh, they are configured according to customers' needs and designed to prepare an installation load for a room, a floor or a workday.

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