Ethics at the heart of corporate responsibility

Supplier relations

The Rexel Group strives to establish a continuous and constructive dialogue with its suppliers and to develop a lasting and balanced relationship with them while being mindful of social and environmental challenges. Suppliers and subcontractors must comply with the principles set out in Rexel's Ethics Guide and, through contracts, with the general terms and conditions of purchase, which include clauses that mandate compliance with the fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organization.

A CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) performance assessment platform for suppliers and subcontractors has been in place since 2015. The EcoVadis assessment questionnaire covers 120 criteria divided into four categories: environment, social and human rights, ethics, and responsible purchasing. After two assessment campaigns, the second of which took place in 2018, 161 single suppliers representing 54% of direct Rexel Group purchases (in value) had been evaluated. Rexel's goal is to assess the CSR performance of 80% of its direct purchases by 2020.

In addition to EcoVadis, Rexel carries out targeted audits at certain suppliers' sites. In 2018, as part of the implementation of the Vigilance Plan, the Group extended the scope of these audits and increased their number while focusing on the most at-risk countries.


suppliers assessed i.e. 54% of direct purchases in value

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