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Rexel's 27,000 employees are the company's agents of change. They are the ones who work day in and day out to produce results, bring the Group's strategic vision to fruition, and make its digital transformation a reality. Their collective engagement has a direct impact on the quality of life at work and the achievement of their professional goals. While human resource management supports the company's digital transformation, it is also a vehicle for each employee's career development and personal fulfillment.
Rexel's transformation goes hand in hand with employee recruitment, the implementation of employee training programs and the development of a new culture of learning and feedback.

Rexel's HR policies rely on decentralized management in which all central Group functions provide the subsidiaries with their expertise and share best practices. This organization, which is close to the field and attentive to local specificities, strengthens Rexel's flexibility and consequently its teams' autonomy.

These policies are supported by various tools designed to strengthen their efficiency, such as an online university (Rexel Academy), a human resources information system (SuccessFactors), a digital job board, management and performance recognition tools, and a recurrent employee engagement survey (Satisfaxion). All of these assets help establish a digital culture that employees share and create momentum for the company's transformation.

Rexel has also recently begun deploying digital workplaces to replace traditional intranets and facilitate digital ways of working. With a first pilot site launched at the Group headquarters in January 2019, the aim of the workplace is to provide seamless access to tools, information and news while enabling collaboration and reducing silos. Additional digital workplaces are expected to be deployed across more countries as Rexel continues to move forward on its digital transformation journey.

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