The digital transformation

IT infrastructure sharing.

Creating a Digital Factory

2018 was marked by major organizational changes including the creation of the Digital Factory, which replaces the e-commerce skill center. Launched in 2018 in Europe and the USA, this new organization will be extended to the Asia-Pacific region in 2019. Its goal is to return control to the countries so that they may manage the challenges, means and deployment of the digital transformation more directly. This is a new stage in Rexel's digitization, following a consolidation phase at the Group level, which also responds to the countries' increased maturity in this area.

The feature-rich e-commerce platform, which was rolled out across Europe over the past few years, continues to perform strongly. However, the priority is no longer placed on standardized deployments, but on customer experience optimization. The definition of the digital roadmap has therefore changed: the countries now decide on digital solutions and their implementation plans according to their business objectives.

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