Training, the cornerstone of employee career development

The Rexel Academy, a continuous learning platform

The Rexel Academy was created in response to the Group's desire to develop a culture of learning based on the constant acquisition of new technical and professional skills, as well as knowledge sharing.

The platform's management is “glocal”. The Group guarantees the implementation of the technical solution and the training of local teams, and provides the practical and technical expertise required for the platform to function. The various countries create the curriculum and content, ensure access to the platform, and encourage its use.

The learning solutions offered to employees, which use the blended learning approach, combine traditional classroom methods and learning techniques: virtual courses, teleconferences, MOOC, tutorials, knowledge quizzes, etc. Each employee can thus learn at their own pace and in their own manner.

With more than 12,698 e-learning modules, among which 4,076 created in 2018, the contents are organized into major themes: products, sales technique, ethics and compliance, management, digital acculturation, etc. These modules are generally adjusted according to the job, the required skills, or local specificities. Many of them are now designed by “in-house” experts in order to better meet participants' needs. They are often completed by shared tools and learning spaces in order to strengthen the culture of learning and sharing.

In 2018, more than 800 new modules were added to the Rexel Academy training program. Most of them focus on mastering new digital technologies, the impact of data in the organization (CRM, pricing, webshop, etc.), new sales techniques, and customer service.


product knowledge e-learning modules, among which 891 created in 2018

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