Innovating differently

The Roubaix workshops

From September to December 2018, four collaborative brainstorming workshops were set up with the goal of developing solutions:
> the September workshop made it possible to realize that the barrier to getting out of fuel poverty was not so much the difficulty of understanding procedures as it was the feeling of shame, of fear, of isolation, of addiction, of depression, etc.
> the October workshop's goal was to find out how to break down these barriers and also covered other concepts such as energy, the importance of community, trust, success, a positive attitude, the will to fight, brotherhood, looking ahead, etc.

> the November workshop mapped out solutions with three key themes: community, sponsorship, and the concept of a meeting point.
> the December workshop found several solutions to implement under the leadership of the workshop participants.
Beginning in March 2019, these solutions will be tested with a small budget but also a key strength: a solid, active community. In the early phases, the solutions will be limited in scope in order to evaluate their impact. They will then be rolled out on a larger scale, first in Roubaix, then in other locations.

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