The Group's new geographic footprint

Three questions to Jackie Faulk, Rexel Florida Regional President

What is Rexel's position in Florida?
Florida is one of the leading growth markets in the US. In 2018, we exceeded our goals and reached double-digit growth, outperforming our competitors and outpacing the market growth. Our market share is around 10%, and is evenly spread between the residential, commercial (especially dynamic with Florida's theme parks), and industrial segments.

What was the impact of the reorganization?
Florida has a total of 23 locations and one Customer Solutions Center. We have 18 Rexel branches, 4 of which opened in 2017, and 5 Gexpro branches. We began by upgrading all the branches in terms of people, inventory, products, merchandising, logistics, and services. The main challenge lay in employee training, where we have made significant investments. Hence, the year 2018 was dedicated to laying sound foundations for the future and to accelerate gaining more customers, more SKUs and more digital. In 2019, we will be able to move at a higher pace.

What is Rexel's outlook in Florida?
We have a balanced, healthy, promising business. The reorganization unified and clarified our goals and our business approach, especially for Gexpro, which had historically operated on the “Projects” value proposition with little to no proximity business.
My mission is clear: to be the market leader in Florida. The strategy that has been implemented since 2017 is successful because it relies on the uniqueness and the continuity of our leadership, culture, and goals. The focus on digital and multichannel connection to our customers is accelerating our business into 2020 and beyond. The decision making is now closer to the customer to make faster, more informed decisions that are more impactful to the customer experience and make Rexel easier to do business with.

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