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Three questions to Øyvind Berg, Rexel Norway Logistics Manager

Why is Track & Trace important to you?
We make over 60% of our sales online, and online order and delivery tracking is a key service for our customers. It should also be said that around 40% of our revenue comes from energy suppliers, one of our most successful markets, who have a high demand for “Track & Trace” and high standards in terms of service quality.

What features does your system offer?
Our new TMS (Transport Management System) system, which was rolled out at our eight haulers in September 2018, offers all the traditional features of Track & Trace. Customers can track their deliveries from order to POD (Proof of Delivery). For certain customers, especially energy suppliers, we offer POD with a photo and GPS coordinates so that they can precisely locate their order. In 2018 we tested a new function, which will become a standard feature in 2019, to enable customers to track each parcel in their order individually, which is an undeniable advantage that no one else in the market currently offers.

Are your customers satisfied with this service?
We can gauge our customers' satisfaction by looking at the various calls for bids that we have been a part of over the past few months. Track & Trace is among the top selection criteria and our system is considered to be the best in the market today.

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