Toward data-driven management

Transforming the business model

With a new year of profitable growth, the Group reached its goals. Once again, it demonstrated the strength of its business model and the relevance of its strategic roadmap, which was launched in 2017, with a dual objective: perform and transform. Rexel succeeded in making progress on both fronts over the course of the past year.
The Group moved from a position of distributor built on flawless logistics and had built itself primarily through acquisitions, to a model including value-added services, especially owing to its omnichannel approach.
This major change of course, which meets the expectations of the market, has enabled Rexel to reinforce its positioning, resume its growth, and improve its profitability.
This is the bedrock on which the Group has built its medium and long-term strategy to successfully accomplish its second transformation to a data-driven company. Rexel's aim is to continue to transform its model to become an example of services offering and data use in its sector.

While launching this transformation, the Group is reaffirming the fundamentals that enabled it to resume its growth and profitability, in particular by accelerating growth thanks to the execution of the “More Customers & More SKUs” strategy, an allocation of capital aligned with its priorities, and the improvement of its operational and financial performance.

“Rexel is confident in its ability to continue to improve its performance and to play a major role in the structural transformation of electrical distribution supplies sector.”

Patrick Berard, Rexel CEO

The Group's new geographic footprint
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