Supporting social entrepreneurs

Social innovation projects

Projects supported by the social entrepreneurship platform offer models that break with traditional practices and are intended to improve the dissemination of energy progress and fight fuel poverty more effectively. Several topics are targeted:
> access to energy efficient services in emerging countries (LPRY, Entrepreneurs du monde, GERES, GRET);
> involving households suffering from fuel poverty (Soleni, Voisin Malin, Logicités, les Compagnons Bâtisseurs, Caritas Austria, Energy Sussex Coast, Grid Alternatives, Réseau Eco-Habitat, GERES, Habitat & Humanisme);
> access to affordable energy-efficient housing (Doremi, Action Tank Entreprise et pauvreté, Next Step, Berkeley);
> promoting renewable energy (Energie Solidaire, Energie partagée, Rocky Mountain Institute).

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