Toward data-driven management

Furthering the digital transformation

The second step in the transformation of Rexel's business model is that of data-driven management, which involves using relevant data to make objective decisions based on facts and analysis, and not simply on convictions or experiences, in order to improve customer satisfaction and company performance.
In the era of data use and management, and in a constantly more competitive environment, the success of this operation is crucial to the Group's future.
Rexel's digital transformation focuses on three areas:
> Enhancing the customer experience by using Rexel's large database in order to provide a seamless customer journey. Initiatives with the greatest customer impact will be given priority.
> Developing and deploying a data analysis offering for suppliers: suppliers who subscribe receive factual insights about their position in the market, their omnichannel offering, and their digital conversion rate by product category.
> Improving performance through the establishment of use cases based on algorithms that rely on artificial intelligence.
Rexel has chosen 16 potential use cases suited to its activity. The Group is currently releasing two of these cases: one that improves the efficiency of customer portfolio management and one that involves inventory.

Focusing on value-added services
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