IT infrastructure sharing

IT Middleware, a shared service

The IT Middleware skill center is part of the “shared services” strategy currently being deployed within the Group. Recognized for its TIBCO technical expertise (infrastructure software in a Cloud Computing context), it supports the development of e-commerce platforms as well as numerous other integration projects in the countries.

2018 was marked by significant progress in API Management (a technology that enables the publication, promotion and supervision of interfaces between Rexel's ecosystem and supplier / partner / customer services), with the launch of an application for Schneider in Australia on TIBCO cloud, allowing customers to access Rexel's website directly from their website. This is an important step toward an open architecture making it possible to connect Rexel's IT systems to those of its partners, whether suppliers or customers. Other similar projects are underway, namely in the USA and Sweden.

Middleware IT has also helped accelerate the evolution of the countries' ERPs, especially in Finland and Switzerland. TIBCO will also be used for a Finance project in China and India, starting in January 2019.

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