The Group's new geographic footprint

Reorganizing in Europe

Rexel generates 55% of its sales in Europe, where the Group is a key player in most countries. To bolster its position and improve its profitability in this strategic region, the Group has reorganized its operations in several countries.
In Germany, Rexel had market share of 10%, which is lower than that of other European countries, and therefore decided to concentrate its strategy on more profitable markets such as industry at the national level or construction markets in the south. This reorganization resulted in closing 17 of its 55 branches as well as rationalizing HQ and logistics costs. The aim of this rationalization is to improve Germany's profitability and strengthen its position as one of the Group's leading countries in terms of industry, including industry 4.0.
In Spain, Rexel closed 15 branches and changed its operational structure, moving from a single logistics center model to a regional model of hub branches and satellite branches.

In the United Kingdom, the Group merged with its commercial banners, moving from five (Newey & Eyre, WF Senate, Wilts, Parker and Denmans) to two (Rexel and Denmans). This operation made it possible to improve its purchasing conditions and its back-office efficiency. It was accompanied by geographical restructuring that entailed closing 33 branches in 2018.

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