Specialty services

Customized solutions for inventory management

Rexel's expertise in inventory management comes into play in warehouse layout, replenishment procedures, reporting, obsolescence analysis, and recommending maximal and minimal inventory levels.

Oasis Insight

The Group's American subsidiary Gexpro has deployed the OASIS Insight tool, which is designed to manage the inventory and replenishment of industrial customers or key projects. Through barcode scanning with a scanner or a smartphone, OASIS Insight manages inventory and can trigger their automatic replenishment depending on pre-established thresholds, regardless of product origin. Rexel can therefore ensure the reception and verification of all the equipment needed for its customers' projects.

Gexpro Performance Solutions (GPS)

The Gexpro Performance Solutions software suite (GPS) includes a dozen applications enabling it to precisely manage each step in the supply chain: from the initial consultation (GPS Takeoff) to a calculation of the exact levels of productivity gains achieved (GPS Dollarization), with a presentation and explanation of the savings generated for each item. GPS thus helps reduce purchase costs, accelerate deliveries, optimize labor allocation and reduce oversupply.

Material Take Off (MTO)

MTO is a counselling service addressing specifications and closely attuned to customers' needs and methods. With the MTO, Rexel ensures, plans in hand, that the bill of material prepared by the engineering services covers all equipment needs down to the smallest detail.

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