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Entering the IoT market in China

Rexel is well positioned in the automation market in China, making significant inroads in 2018 thanks to an IMC (Industrial Management Control) offering. This solution supports the rapid development of the industrial Internet of Things in China, with promising prospects. The IMC connects to various detectors and sensors that capture and analyze certain data relating to manufacturing processes and equipment. It's a tool for measuring and controlling factory performance, which is particularly useful for industrial groups with dispersed locations.

Rexel has already implemented this solution with several customers, among which a mining equipment manufacturer, supplying a hundred of end customers in entire China. It enables the customer to control and manage its machines remotely and make real-time adjustments. Therefore, the IMC generates savings and helps it stand out from its competition, while representing a loyalty advantage for Rexel.

The main advantage of Rexel's offering compared to other suppliers providing this kind of solution is that it is feasible regardless of who the supplier is.


Industrial Internet of Things: a market estimated at €80bn in China in 2018, and which should reach €112bn in 2020.

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