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Online sales growth

Online sales (e-commerce and EDI) have progressed significantly over the last two years, passing the €2 billion mark. In Europe, sales growth has reached 15.8%. Rexel adapts its interfaces to meet its customers' needs and expectations. Until now, efforts were primarily focused on transactions. In 2018, the Group gave priority to the customer experience beyond purchase, especially with regards to order tracking.

In Europe, e-commerce sales reached €1.19 billion in 2018, accounting for a 18.8% increase and driven primarily by France, where growth reached 47%. This performance is due to an increase in visitor numbers, coupled with a 17% increase in the average purchase size. New features such as fast online cost estimation validation and progress made in product recommendations also played an important role in achieving this performance.

+30% traffic

and +52% sales: France e-commerce key figures

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