Prioritizing the customer experience

Homepage personalization

Until now, Rexel's e-commerce websites' homepage was a showcase for its entire product offering. However, customers' needs vary greatly depending on the sector they operate in and their profile (installer, buyer...). The goal has therefore been to personalize homepages according to a “vertical” segmentation. In December 2018, a “residential customer” page, a “commercial customer” page, and an “industrial customer” page were launched, as well as a “neutral” page for any visitor connecting to the website for the first time, and a page dedicated to employees. These homepages were designed to give customers a “hub” for their favorite items, their frequent links, and their latest orders or quotations.

Content personalization is a continuous process, requiring a long-term commitment and an ongoing customer experience improvement approach. Research engines also progressively adapt to different customer categories; this is already the case in European countries. Deeper segmentations are currently being developed, for example for panel builders, who frequently order the same products in great quantity and often in a hurry. A new feature offers them the possibility to automatically transform their panel configuration into product orders placed on the website. An equivalent system was created for Esabora, including a link allowing installers to transfer the selected products to the shopping cart.

A similar tool was also developed for manufacturers, enabling them to transfer the selected products directly to Rexel's e-commerce websites. More generally, the website's performance has been improved thanks to display speed. The charging time for the homepage has been cut in half, even though its content is much richer—a major improvement for the customer that also optimizes the website's referencing.

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